Thursday, February 7, 2013

Your Herb Tip Of The Day: Botanical Quality

You have heard how important the quality of herbs are, and it couldn't hold anymore truth, in fact it's so important that you might as well toss your money in a street drain and feed it to pennywise the clown if you do not get the HIGHEST quality herbs. BUT this does not go for all herbs. Sure batch to batch can matter, but more over who you buy from matters. Below I have compiled some small lists to show you which herbs matter more than others to purchase high quality, and then I will give you a few places where you can get high quality herb (for reasonable prices too, since what you pay for doesn't nessasarily mean good quality, whoever said that was not speaking full truth, sorry). To note however, ALWAYS make sure to buy your psychoactive botanicals from places that specialize in selling them, AVOID spice/bulk herb shops and headshops.

Psychoactive herbs where quality does NOT matter as much, so you don't need to spend top dollar or get from a place that only stocks the best:

- Catnip

- Wormwood

- Imphepho

- Kanna

- Passionflower

- Red Poppy

- California Poppy

Psychoactive herbs where quality DOES MATTER, so you should buy the best of the best of it only or you won't receive ANY effects:

- Wild Lettuce (Lactuca Virosa, Lactuca Altissma, Lactuca Canadensis, Lactuca Serriola)

- Turkish Intoxicating Mint (Lagochilus Inebrains) ... This will have ZERO effects if not purchased at it's peak and HIGHEST quality

- Red Vein Kratom

- Blue Lily (Nymphaea caerulea)

- Kratom

- White Lotus

- Pink Lotus

- Kava Root Powder (Most kava SUCKS! be warned, never buy it from your local shelves, ebay/amazon, or from any old place)

Three TOP Places to offer the best quality:

1# TOP RATED) Trance Plants

2) World Seed Supply / Kratom Collection

3) Shamans Garden / I Am Shaman / Shamans Basement

Others I recommend:

- Bouncing Bear Botanicals

- Kratom Herbs

Best For Kava:

- Bulu Kava House

- Nakamal

- Kava By Rex

~ Eden

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

3 Simple Home Remedies To AVOID Getting Sick From Kratom + Things to AVOID mixing kratom with

1. Take Imphepho tea, at 3 grams each time you consume kratom. The imphepho can also be vaporized at smaller dosages of up to 1-2 gram(s)

2. Eat well before taking kratom, drink plenty of water and gatorade on the side, and have the orange juice made for CHILDREN from your local grocery store.
   Eating kratom on an empty stomach will get you sick enough to vomit for the next hour or so, or dry gag (which is worse, as we all came to find out at our youth when
   we avoided our parents advice about making sure to at least eat a little soup and crackers when we had the flu and we wound up gagging and not being able to vomit only
   wishing we could so we could feel better)

3. Use Meclizine antinasuea which can be found at your local drug store. Don't use the whole whopping thing, just take a little bit at a time, inch your way in, or else if you take
   a full antinausea when sick and it happens to be a miss and NOT a hit you'll need more antinasuea, which is never good. The least antinasuea the better. While not forgetting
   Antinasuea comes with it's tolerance limitations, and you're going to only want it only when you really need it, so this method definitely is only good for only on occasions

Eden's list of known things NOT to mix with Kratom (Mixing the below can either cause you serious injury or sickness):

- ALCOHOL (Only way to do is, drink no more than 2 beers and sip your drink for the next 3 hours or so very slowly) You do it any other way and the next morning, I'll see you in the E.R.

- Ativan

- Hydrocodone and any other opiod

- Opiates

- Catnip

- Passionflower

- Lemonbalm

- Salvia

- Antipsychotics

- Antidepressants


Watch for updates on this list

~ Eden

Your Herb Tip Of The Day: Curing Your Itch For Kava (Or should I say by Kava)

Kava kava, especially in it's powdered root form is an excellent way to kill stress and make the day pass slower, without the usage of doctors medications and other crap that can harm you, at the same time it boasts some unwanted side effects, one of those being, itchy as hell skin, and it's always like that, you finally find the right product, every things great, every things going good, it does the trick with whatever it it's suppose to do that you're seeking, and BOOM, you knew it! Nothings too good to be true, but that's NOT true, many things are as good as they sound, but nothing is perfect on the other hand, and with kava same goes, but it's hardly a bad herb as many times as doctors tried and others have exclaimed, it's good for you..actually, but that's not what you're reading this for, you're not reading to here how good it is, you're reading how you can can stop rubbing your back up against the tree and watching your skin shed like a freaking snake before it gets new skin, and the quick and simple answer to that is, ATERAX! hah! not so mysterious is it? But perhaps many may not think of it or may think the combination is dangerous, use at your own risk, but my personal advice is, it's not dangerous, it's perfectly safe, and it'll do the trick. Use about 50 MGs, never use more than 100 MGs of Aterax, for anything. And there you go, your kava itch has been cured. Enjoy. Oh and if you're one of those who want to stick strictly to natural things, I know Aterax may sound like hell for you, but they give the stuff to babies.

~ Eden

Herbal Smoking Blends

We've all heard about them, they have been around since the dinosaur ages, they'd find Stegosaurus's with pipes in there mouths.  Getting past that, the new age of herbal smoking blends isn't anything but natural, and has become a new wave of terror for the past 10 years, more and more. In 2002, a company called psychedeli began selling a product pre known as Spice, and it got people higher than marijuana. Legal, everybody became fascinated and as easily hooked to them by 2008, but it was around that same time people found out the truth of there beloved smoking blend, that it, in fact was made up of a combination of synthetic cannibioniod agonist in the miligrams, and it's as if the 1970s designer drug crazed rekindled for one last hellish retreat, or could it be that history repeats itself, whatever the case it wasn't good and many poor souls had to pay the price, some harder than others, some with there lives.

Anyway,  to make a long story short (well sort of short, I know this shit has been a long read already), in effort to revamp the image of these evil so called herbal smoking blends, many tried to make there own mixtures, some home made, others back at the lab. It had seemed no one had come to anything special, and people gave up and it seemed as if the truth was to good to be true, to have a little something something that was not illegal or that was bad for your health to relax with, but recently I discovered an %100 certified natural batch of genuine herbal smoking blends, while they aren't like Spice they are relaxing and better than anything you would find on your local shelves to try and smoke and calm you down. So I'll share them with you here, having had several negative encounters with several legal but deadly RCs myself at one point:

- Chill/Lucid Herbal Smoking Blend

- Benton's Blue Herbal Smoking Blend

- Druids Herbal Smoking Blend

- Daganda Herbal Smoking Blend

They can be found at places like Shaman's Garden (google). I personally enjoyed them and found them to be of great use in calming my spirits for about 40 minutes or so. They also mix well (and better) when mixed all together, and are excellent to potentiate for herbs like kratom and kava root powder. The herbs in them are safe. The blends aren't good recreation-ally, but do serve an excellent purpose if you're wanting the more mild meditative natural effect, for that they work like a charm, and the herbs used in them are I'd have to say a pretty outstanding quality. So give it a shot, if all of what I mentioned is your thing, if you're looking for a spice a like, look elsewhere. Just thought I'd give heads up, since they're aren't too many reviews on these blends, and most assume they're just more synthetic crap and are too afraid to test that kind of water (which I would not blame them for).

Ingesting them properly-- They suck as a tea and as a joint, instead ONLY use them in a water pipe (Not a bubbler), or a Vaporizer like Vaporite Vapor Glow will do the trick. Use about 50 MGs/1/2 gram for stronger effects, or about 20 MGs for mild effects. Hold the smoke in for 30 seconds (just don't pass out). And relax.After 3-6 bowls depending on your system, you should begin to feel the effects creep in. Taking too much is never a worry either, it never gets too over powering.

~ Eden

Saturday, January 5, 2013

New! Kratom Recipe "Midnight Silence"

A perfect blend when you want to actually FEEL the crickets chirp outside, and the skies are dark, and you're all alone. Quickly take the edge off a bad night, or if you just want to simply drift off in a another world of pure bliss for a good while.


- 3 Grams of Bali Kratom Powder

- 2 Grams of Thai Reserve Kratom Powder

- 45 droplets/tear drops of Kratom Liquid Extract (x5 potency)

- 2 Grams of Inbriating Mint (Turkish Intoxicating Mint)

- 2 Tablespoons of Nambawan Kava Root Powder

- 2 Grams of Wild Lettuce

- Red Vein Kratom Powder

- Maeng Da Kratom Powder (Or you can ground the dry leaf into powder)

- 30 MG Kanna extract

- 1 vaporizer

- A water pipe

- 2 mugs (One needs to be microwavable safe)

- 1 herbal infusion ball (No strainers!)

Tea Preparation:

1. Prepare the tea first. Infuse both Bali Kratom Powder and Thai Reserve Kratom Powder into one of the mugs, with boiling hot water, stir for a few seconds, then drop in the Kratom Liquid Extract drops, stir once more. Set aside. (Note: Do NOT use a tea infusion ball or strainer for the powders)

2. In the 2nd mug infuse 1 gram of the Inbriating Mint using a herbal infusion ball, with bowling hot water, then cover and set aside.

3. Let everything steep for 1 hour, or 2 hours maximum.

4. Once has at least set for a minimum of one hour, take the mug with Inbriating Mint in it, take out the herbal infusion ball of it, and squeeze out any remainding juices. Pour 2 BIG tablespoons of Nambawan Kava Root Powder in and stir until powder is all mixed in. Place mug in microwave and cover, and warm it up for 1 1/2 - 2 minutes, depending on your microwaves wattage. Let it stand in there, for 1 hour.

Smoking and Vaporizering your herbs:

1. When you are letting your tea set after preparing it, get out your vaporizer, set it high, but don't burn it, not that high, and vaporizer 1 gram of Inbriating Mint, 2 grams of Wild Lettuce, a few GOOD SIZE pinches of Red Vein Kratom Powder. (Note: Don't try and vape it all at once, should probably take 3 sessions, if it takes longer, just keep it at 3 sessions anyway and leave of the rest of your herb for next time, doing this is for a reason I'll explain later).

2. After vaporizing, smoke in your water pipe 3 full bowls of Maeng Da Kratom Powder, mixed in with 10 MGs of Kanna Extract. Repeat 2 more times. Make sure to hold in smoke for 30 seconds at a time.

3. Once your Kava has steeped it's full hour, stick your kratom in the microwave and warm it up for about 15 seconds, then stir it well and drink up! BOTH at the same time, your Kava tea, and your Kratom tea. Meanwhile vaporize the rest of your herbs you didn't finish vapping before, while having your teas!


Friendly Tip: You should do everything one after another without lag, do not wait in between doing each thing. You will get to enjoy truly, once you sit and relax and have your tea, then you will experience everything at once, rather than trying to seek it too soon, or with only one thing you're doing (I.E.- Trying to get a good effect from smoking). Kratom and the other herbs take time to get into your system. And a build up of taking some of these herbs, may be required