Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Herbal Smoking Blends

We've all heard about them, they have been around since the dinosaur ages, they'd find Stegosaurus's with pipes in there mouths.  Getting past that, the new age of herbal smoking blends isn't anything but natural, and has become a new wave of terror for the past 10 years, more and more. In 2002, a company called psychedeli began selling a product pre known as Spice, and it got people higher than marijuana. Legal, everybody became fascinated and as easily hooked to them by 2008, but it was around that same time people found out the truth of there beloved smoking blend, that it, in fact was made up of a combination of synthetic cannibioniod agonist in the miligrams, and it's as if the 1970s designer drug crazed rekindled for one last hellish retreat, or could it be that history repeats itself, whatever the case it wasn't good and many poor souls had to pay the price, some harder than others, some with there lives.

Anyway,  to make a long story short (well sort of short, I know this shit has been a long read already), in effort to revamp the image of these evil so called herbal smoking blends, many tried to make there own mixtures, some home made, others back at the lab. It had seemed no one had come to anything special, and people gave up and it seemed as if the truth was to good to be true, to have a little something something that was not illegal or that was bad for your health to relax with, but recently I discovered an %100 certified natural batch of genuine herbal smoking blends, while they aren't like Spice they are relaxing and better than anything you would find on your local shelves to try and smoke and calm you down. So I'll share them with you here, having had several negative encounters with several legal but deadly RCs myself at one point:

- Chill/Lucid Herbal Smoking Blend

- Benton's Blue Herbal Smoking Blend

- Druids Herbal Smoking Blend

- Daganda Herbal Smoking Blend

They can be found at places like Shaman's Garden (google). I personally enjoyed them and found them to be of great use in calming my spirits for about 40 minutes or so. They also mix well (and better) when mixed all together, and are excellent to potentiate for herbs like kratom and kava root powder. The herbs in them are safe. The blends aren't good recreation-ally, but do serve an excellent purpose if you're wanting the more mild meditative natural effect, for that they work like a charm, and the herbs used in them are I'd have to say a pretty outstanding quality. So give it a shot, if all of what I mentioned is your thing, if you're looking for a spice a like, look elsewhere. Just thought I'd give heads up, since they're aren't too many reviews on these blends, and most assume they're just more synthetic crap and are too afraid to test that kind of water (which I would not blame them for).

Ingesting them properly-- They suck as a tea and as a joint, instead ONLY use them in a water pipe (Not a bubbler), or a Vaporizer like Vaporite Vapor Glow will do the trick. Use about 50 MGs/1/2 gram for stronger effects, or about 20 MGs for mild effects. Hold the smoke in for 30 seconds (just don't pass out). And relax.After 3-6 bowls depending on your system, you should begin to feel the effects creep in. Taking too much is never a worry either, it never gets too over powering.

~ Eden


  1. I want to order lucid smoke blend, what the effects same like marijuana? Or you get high when smoke lucid?

  2. I want to order lucid smoke blend, what the effects same like marijuana? Or you get high when smoke lucid?